Knowledge of the market, the competition, prevailing techniques and new trends in a specific “therapeutic area” is of critical importance for correct product positioning.

We can conduct market research in a therapeutic area, define different therapeutic approaches and key influencers… We can position the product or service to specific sets of consumers whether they be physicians, patients, or other stakeholders.

BrainPower Capital can understand and obtain information from clinical trials and existing research to aid in proper product positioning or provide insight on additional marketing opportunities for the product.

We can re-position a product in a different therapeutic area. based on our knowledge of markets and needs.

BrainPower Capital can address the following questions:

  1. What is the unmet need in the marketplace from the perspective of payers, physicians, and patients?
  2. Does the clinical and other evidence generated to support the product address each stakeholder’s view?
  3. What other medical evidence is there to support the product?
  4. What are the competitive, regulatory, and reimbursement environments, present and future, that the product will face?
  5. Does the product development strategy address the dynamic market environment?