Marketing strategy is at the core of who we are and serves as a foundation for all of Brainpower Capital's services. A strong marketing strategy is akin to selecting a downhill playing field where gravity is at your back. And great marketing ALWAYS starts with a great competitive positioning strategy. No exceptions. The more value you create for your customer (relative to competitor alternatives), the more valuable your business.

A good positioning strategy requires a careful evaluation of market research. The first step is to evaluate the total market size and opportunity. Market data (including industry reports, external market data, and our own experience with the market) will help us outline the total number of potential customers in the market, as well as the total potential sales in the market.

BPC's strategic marketing approach starts with understanding product-market fit, validation of critical growth and value assumptions, connecting with you on a common understanding of the businesses environment, and understanding where to apply strengths and fill gaps on any weaknesses. A full marketing strategy aligns key stakeholders on a handful of critical "living documents" - the business model and value proposition canvas, a financial model detailing common assumptions, a marketing plan with schedule and near-term budget, and an innovation framework that captures the knowledge capital created in a process of continuous marketing experiments. World-class branding, carefully considered messaging strategy, optimized pricing, and a smart distribution plan, builds a solid path toward your business vision.